Who We Are


We are a kid friendly company design to get kids outside and living their best lives possibly.  My husband and I started this company with our kids in mind.  With internet at the forefront of our lives, we forget the root and the magic of what childhood is all about.  As soon as we started getting our kids back into nature we noticed a huge change in our kids lives, my toddler threw less tantrums, was happier, and kinder. Our 8 month old seems to just fit right into nature, content as can be. As parents we want to make sure our kids have the best life possible, so we decided to create a company reminding us all how important it is that our children live their lives to their fullest potential and get back to their roots and nature.  We hope you can take your little ones mind outside and breathe in some fresh air and connect with mother nature, like we used to.

With love,

The Young Family